October 11, 2012

♡ I'M BACK ♡

Hello everybody :) I'm so sorry that I haven't post in so long, honestly life is being quite stressful recently. Anyways, yes... I moved to rainy England! Yeeeeeees! I've been here like 3 weeks and I'm enjoying it so much. Even though, I've realised about some things since I'm here:
1. The English accent is harder than I thought, and my horrible (sorry) spanish accent is being an issue...
2. Moving means much more than putting all your clothes in your luggage... I forgot so many things that my mom is bringing me a full bag with my stuff.
3. My bag weights a TON! Thanks God at school we just have to use two books(this term) but then I have: a big notebook, a folder for the thousand copies and homework papers we have to bring every day, planner, pencil case with different kind of pencils and markers for my art class, make-up bag, UMBRELLA (even though is the most sunny morning you have ever seen, don't worry it'll rain anytime soon and you'll be soaked without it), Spanish phone where I can use wifi and British phone, sometimes the iPad, my wallet, student card and bottle of water. Yes, I can put all these things in my bag...
3. I like arts....! Yes, actually this is the discovery of the century! I always liked arts like paint, music, films... But I've never created anything and now I'm attending an art school every week and I'm learning to draw (harder than I thought too). I'm going to study Graphic design and Communication. Where? I don't know... I'm applying to UCAS so I'm starting to research I already have a couple favourite places, but who knows...

I think that's pretty much all the remarkable things, I don't usually talk about myself like that but it's been too long and I think I needed it.
It's my birthday in two days, and I have so many things to do, but I promise I'll post next week and hopefully I will make a post daily or every two days.
I took pics for my arts class and well I won't share them all but maybe I'll show some of them in coming posts.

Angela, xo.

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