October 31, 2012

♡ ♡

Hello again, I'm really sorry for the lack of posts. No excuses this time... Anyways I'm thinking about posts but recently my life is divided between lessons and arts school. This is not just a photography blog so I'm trying to put something else and make some changes. 
I wont post until I can design a new layout, but hopefully that won't take me too long.


October 21, 2012


Hi again!
So finally I have installed Photoshop Elements 10!! It was really hard though. Anyways, I started touching everything and this is the result... Enjoy it :)

October 11, 2012

♡ I'M BACK ♡

Hello everybody :) I'm so sorry that I haven't post in so long, honestly life is being quite stressful recently. Anyways, yes... I moved to rainy England! Yeeeeeees! I've been here like 3 weeks and I'm enjoying it so much. Even though, I've realised about some things since I'm here:
1. The English accent is harder than I thought, and my horrible (sorry) spanish accent is being an issue...
2. Moving means much more than putting all your clothes in your luggage... I forgot so many things that my mom is bringing me a full bag with my stuff.
3. My bag weights a TON! Thanks God at school we just have to use two books(this term) but then I have: a big notebook, a folder for the thousand copies and homework papers we have to bring every day, planner, pencil case with different kind of pencils and markers for my art class, make-up bag, UMBRELLA (even though is the most sunny morning you have ever seen, don't worry it'll rain anytime soon and you'll be soaked without it), Spanish phone where I can use wifi and British phone, sometimes the iPad, my wallet, student card and bottle of water. Yes, I can put all these things in my bag...
3. I like arts....! Yes, actually this is the discovery of the century! I always liked arts like paint, music, films... But I've never created anything and now I'm attending an art school every week and I'm learning to draw (harder than I thought too). I'm going to study Graphic design and Communication. Where? I don't know... I'm applying to UCAS so I'm starting to research I already have a couple favourite places, but who knows...

I think that's pretty much all the remarkable things, I don't usually talk about myself like that but it's been too long and I think I needed it.
It's my birthday in two days, and I have so many things to do, but I promise I'll post next week and hopefully I will make a post daily or every two days.
I took pics for my arts class and well I won't share them all but maybe I'll show some of them in coming posts.

Angela, xo.

September 17, 2012


1. Donut 

2. Typical dessert that my granny used to do when I was 10.

3. Trying new things, not really good to be honest.

4. Me putting faces at night.

5. Coming back to Madrid a week ago :(

6. I had dinner in a little italian restaurant the other day :)

Angela, xo.

September 3, 2012





Angela, xo.


September 2, 2012


Por algún motivo, siempre me han gustado las flores; tanto los colores como las formas o el conjunto en si. Aquí os dejo una recopilación de fotografías de flores que he tomado este verano.

For some reason, I always have liked flowers; the colors, the forms I don't know just the whole thing about flowers. Here are some photos I took this summer.