September 2, 2012


Morning! Well today Im just feeling fluently in english, no jokes. Anyways it's been a great Sunday morning so far :) Just drinking tea, texting on Whatsapp and checking out bloglovin while Nicki Minaj and her Pound the alarm is singing in my earphones and I can't stop dancing with my head and shoulders, not pictures of that haaa! you wish ;)
I just can't tell everything on here because this a public place and all blah blah blah but I just got told good news about this next year, I'll just say... IM MOVING from Madrid!

Oh yes, one more thing I almost forget, yesterday night I was on a mission... I'll explain, I was eating biscuits dipping them on nutella (you could imagine, it was like heaven) anyways, so suddenly I pushed the biscuit to much on the nutella and it got all soaked and well my mission was to take the poor biscuit out of the nutella jar, I could compare myself to 007 but I won't, don't worry... Even thought in my head was the soundtrack. Don't worry I rescued that poor biscuit :D It all ended well!

Angela, xo.

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